Looking Back

This symposium took place on November 30th and December 1st. Please find a video summary below.

Presentations & Live Cases 2017

Hybrid approach: Multiple roads lead to RomeDr. Paul KnaapenView video
Live case 1Dr. Yoshihisa Kinoshita & Dr. Alexander NapView video
CTO Toolbox: need to have or nice to haveDr. Daniel WeilenmannView video
AWE: Choosing the right wireDr. Bas SchölzelView video
Double lumen catheter: usage and applications for CTO’sDr. Yoshihisa KinoshitaView video
Live case 4Dr. Alexander Nap & Dr. Niels VeroudenView video
ADR: Only when everything fails?Prof.dr. Jo DensView video
Mechanical support: To pump or not to pump?Dr. Nicolas van MieghemView video
Complications: Making CTO’s more complicatedDr. Alexander NapView video
Contrast media: Keeping the tap drippingProf.dr. Rainer WesselyView video
Proximal cap: A hard nut to crackDr. Jonathan HillView video
Live case 7Dr. Paul Knaapen & Dr. Alexander NapView video

The Symposium

3rd Amsterdam CTO Symposium 2017

Being absolutely enthralled by PCI CTO and the huge success of our first and second Amsterdam CTO symposium we decided to have a third one this year. Our goal is again to provide minimum 8 live cases laced with practical tips and tricks interleaved by educational talks of our world class international faculty of CTO leaders in the fields of chronic total occlusion (CTO) during this 2 days symposium.

Dr. Paul Knaapen and Dr. Alex Nap
VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Chronic Total Occlusions (CTOs) of coronary arteries represent one of the greatest challenges to interventional cardiologists. Successful revascularization of CTOs has been strongly associated with improved left ventricular function, freedom from angina and future revascularization, and in several studies increased survival.

Through new techniques (antegrade and retrograde), new guidewires, novel devices, appropriate patient selection, and improved operator technique, the success rates for recanalization of complex chronic total occlusions are increasing.

With presentations from experts in the field, numerous thematically organized live CTO cases, and case review sessions, this symposium will summarize the techniques, tips and tricks that are essential for the interventional cardiologist to decide when intervention of CTOs is warranted and to optimize procedural success.

  Learning Objectives

After attending this symposium, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the pathobiologic (calcified vs non-calcified), angiographical (length of lesion, proximal cap, landing zone, interventional collaterals and clinical considerations which are associated with successful recanalization of chronic total occlusions.
  •  Explain how advances in strategical approach, operator technique, guidewire technology, and new devices have improved success rates for chronic total occlusions.
  • Describe advanced guidewire techniques and other adjunctive devices for chronic total occlusions.
  • Integrate the latest recommendations for how to use new guidewires and devices to optimize procedural success while minimizing complications.



This symposium is designed for interventional cardiologists and clinical cardiologists.

 Educational Methods

  • Lectures
  • Case review and discussions
  • Live cases


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