The Netherlands Society of Cardiology (NVVC) has approved 10 accreditation points o this meeting.
This symposium is compliant with the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice.

Thursday November 30, 2017

Chair: Prof.dr. Jo Dens

8:30 hrsRegistration and coffee
9:00 hrsOpening
9:05 hrsHybrid approach: Multiple roads lead to Rome.Dr. Paul Knaapen
9:30 hrsLive Case 1Dr. Yoshihisa Kinoshita & Dr. Alexander Nap
10:00 hrsLive Case 2Dr. James Spratt & Dr. Jonathan Hill
11:00 hrsBreak
11:30 hrsCTO Toolbox: need to have or nice to haveDr. Daniel Weilenmann
11.50 hrsAWE: Choosing the right wire.Dr. Bas Schölzel
12:15 hrsLunch
13:30 hrsDouble lumen catheter: usage and applications for CTO’sDr. Yoshihisa Kinoshita
13:45 hrsLive Case 3Dr. Cristian Eek & Dr. Paul Knaapen
14:15 hrsLive Case 4Dr. Alexander Nap & Dr. Niels Verouden
15:00 hrsBreak
16:00 hrsADR: Only when everything fails?Prof.dr. Jo Dens
16:30 hrsMechanical support: To pump or not to pump?Dr. Nicolas van Mieghem
17:30 hrsTransport to Harbour Club
18:00 hrsDinner at The Harbour Club

Friday December 1, 2017

Chair: Dr James Spratt

8:30 hrsRegistration and coffee
9:00 hrsRetrograde approach: From channel selection to externalisation.Dr. James Spratt
9:30 hrsLive Case 5Prof.dr. Jo Dens & Dr. Paul Knaapen
10:00 hrsLive Case 6Dr. Yoshifumi Kashima & Dr. Yoshihisa Kinoshita
11:00 hrsBreak
11:15 hrsContrast media: Keeping the tap dripping.Prof.dr. Rainer Wessely
11:45 hrsComplications: Making CTO’s more complicated.Dr. Alexander Nap
12:00 hrsLunch
13:00 hrsProximal cap: A hard nut to crackDr. Jonathan Hill
13:45 hrs Live Case 7Dr. Paul Knaapen & Dr. Alexander Nap
14:00 hrsLive Case 8Dr. Bas Schölzel & Dr. Niels Verouden
15:00 hrsBreak
15:30 hrsEvidence: The truth is hidden withinDr. Julian Strange
16:00 hrsClosing remarks-Adjourn