Presentations ACTOS 2019

Monday November 11, 2019

PresentationThere can only be one… hybridPaul Knaapen
PresentationLive case 1Yoshihisa Kinoshita – Yoshifumi Kashima
PresentationLive case 2Kambis Mashayekhi – Mohammed Ayoub
PresentationWires, it’s the core of the matterAndrew Lucking
PresentationMicrocatheters: one size fits all?Daniel Weilenmann
PresentationLive case 3Max Opolski – Marek Radomski
PresentationLive case 4Alexander Nap – Paul Knaapen
PresentationArt of Wiring, the Essentials (AWE)Alexander Avran
PresentationSneaking up from behind to fool your CTO (RWE)Peter Kayaert
PresentationBeaten up from both sides to end up with a pretty face (RDR)James Spratt
PresentationLive case 5Andrea Gagnor – Roberto Garbo
PresentationLive case 6Stephan Rinfret – Alexander Nap
PresentationChanging lanes but still on track (ADR)Tony DeMartini
PresentationComplications in perspective; not so complicatedChristian Eek

Tuesday November 12, 2019

PresentationBack to BASEAlexander Nap
PresentationDo not fool mr IVUS, he’s watching youAndrea Gagnor
PresentationMCS in CHIP we all benefitNicolas van Mieghem
PresentationLive case 7Tony DeMartini – Paul Knaapen
PresentationLive case 8James Spratt – Jonathan Hill
PresentationGarbage after CABGKambis Mashayekhi
PresentationWhen in trouble don’t shoot the rulesOmer Goktekin
PresentationMay the Shock Wave be with youJonathan Hill
PresentationPrimus Optio CTO Revascularisation (PROCTOR)Shamim Rahman
PresentationLive case 9Peter Kayaert – Johan Bennett
PresentationLive case 10Paul Knaapen – Alexander Nap
PresentationThe Twilight of DAPT in CTOFreek Verheugt
PresentationAll good things come to an endElliott Smith