Thursday - December 2

Session 1

Chair: Alexandere Avran - Co-chair: Andrea Gagnor
Panelists: Bimmer Claessen, Maurits Dirksen, Ton Heestermans & José Henriques

08.30 hrs

Conference opening

Bert van Rossum

08.40 hrs​

Lost in translation; use a short roadmap

Paul Knaapen

08.50 hrs​

Live case 1

Julian Strange & James Spratt

09.05 hrs​

Live Case 2

Jo Dens & Maksymilian Opolski

10.25 hrs​

Coffee Break

Session 2

Chair: Margaret McEntegart - Co-chair: Gregor Leibundgut
Panelists: Eric Lipsic, Alexander den Hartog, Iannis Karalis & Jan Peter van Kuijk

10.45 hrs

Live Case 3

Gabriele Gasparini & Pierfrancesco Agostoni

11.00 hrs

Live Case 4

Roberto Garbo & Andrea Gagnor

Say hello to my little friends

Sina Porouchani

We all need buddies, big or small

Jacopo Oreglia

13.00 hrs

Lunch Break

Session 3

Chair: Roberto Garbo - Co-chair: Elliot Smith
Panelists: Maarten van Leeuwen, René van der Schaaf, Cornelis Verouden & Bas Schölzel

13.45 hrs

Live case 5 - from Bad Krozingen

Kambis Mashayekhi & Mohammed Ayoub

14.00 hrs

Live Case 6

Tuomas Rissanen & Olli-Pekka Piira

14.15 hrs

Live case 7

Alexander Nap & Paul Knaapen

It's not rocket science, Einstein

Koen Teeuwen

You'll never forget the first time

Rocco Giunta

Design is so simple, making it complicated

Joshua Brenizer

15.50 hrs

Coffee break

Session 4

Chair: Daniel Weilenmann - Co-chair: Maksymilian Opolski
Panelists: George Vlachojannis, Rik van der Werf, Jose Montero-Cabazas & Leo Timmers

16.15 hrs

Just keep on knocking, the door will open

Elliot Smith

16.30 hrs

Feels like a 12-round, bloody boxing fight

Colm Hanratty

16.45 hrs​

Be supportive, assist where necessary

Jose Henriques

17.00 hrs

Closing remarks

Paul Knaapen

17.15 hrs

Closing Drinks

18.00 hrs

Dinner at Beurs van Berlage

20.00 hrs

End of Conference day 1

Friday - December 3

Session 5

Chair: James Spratt - Co-chair: Kambis Mashayekhi
Panelists: Koen Teeuwen, Roberto Diletti, Adriaan Kraaijeveld & Sina Porouchani

09.00 hrs

Live Case 8

Daniel Weilenmann & Gregor Leibundgut

09.15 hrs

Live case 9

Margaret McEntegart & Colm Hanratty

Houston, we have a problem!

Niels Verouden

60% of the time, it works everytime

Jo Dens

11.00 hrs

Coffee Break

Session 6

Chair: Gabriele Gasparini - Co-chair: Julian Strange
Panelists: Benjamin Faurie, Tuomas Rissanen, Shamim Rahman & Pierfrancesco Agostoni​

11.25 hrs

Live Case 10 - From Instanbul Bahcelievler Memorial Hospital

Omer Goktekin & Ahmet Shaker

Seeing this, you'll be shocked

Jonathan Hill

When you pay peanuts you get monkeys

Roberto Diletti

12.45 hrs

Lunch Break

13.15 hrs

Satellite Symposium

Come together, right now – a conversation on Guidewire & Microcatheter interaction

Session 7

Chair: Jo Dens - Co-chair: Colm Hanratty
Panelists: Kambis Mashayekhi, Gregor Leibundgut, Jacopo Oreglia & Rocco Giunta

13.30 hrs

Live case 11

Paul Knaapen & Alexander Nap & Jonathan Hill

13.45 hrs

Live Case 12

Alexandre Avran & Benjamin Faurie

This one definitely needs a huge renovation

Shamim Rahman

In times of crisis it is best to invest

Julian Strange

15.30 hrs

Coffee break

Session 8

Chair: Paul Knaapen - Co-chair: Alexander Nap

15.55 hrs

Keynote lecture: The remains of these days

James Spratt

16.15 hrs

Closing remarks

Alexander Nap

16.20 hrs

Drinks & Bites

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