Dear friends and colleagues, dear all,

It’s time to look ahead! It seems that we have finally overcome COVID-19. Although still not to ignore we are facing the demise of the virus that massively impacted daily life worldwide. In practical all continents the vaccination programs are up to speed. Most countries plan to have their population vaccinated by fall.

This allows meetings and social events to take place as of the end of this year without compromising the health and safety of all that attend. This calls for a true celebration! We would like to invite you for this dazzling party that has been named ACTOS 2021: Amsterdam Covid Thrown Out Symposium 2021.

We proceed our journey we unfortunately had to cancel last year. Accommodating all attendees, industry and a world-class, renowned faculty in our historical (and COVID proof) venue we hope to create the interactivity and intimacy that characterizes the ACTOS series.

The program aims to address the key features of contemporary PCI CTO, for those who are just starting, but also for the more experienced and advanced operators. Challenging LIVE cases are the backbone of our summit and are centered around short, to-the-point and practical lectures. Of course, a social program that allows to discuss PCI CTO and more importantly, restores the devotedness within the CTO community will not be lacking.

It is with pleasure and proud that we invite you to Amsterdam on December 2 & 3, 2021.

Prof.dr. Paul Knaapen

Course Director

Dr. Alex Nap

Course Director

Counting down the days

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